Be positive


Hi there,
Lately I have been thinking about what I am working towards and how I plan to achieve my goals. I’m not sure how they will happen, but I hope if I work hard, something positive will come from that. Right now, I want to live life in a positive way, accomplish a lot, and make big moves. I am practicing the belief that if you put positive energy out into the universe, it will come back to you somehow. So that’s what I’m doing, putting positive energy into the universe. We will see how that works out, and I’ll let you all know, lol. Have a good day!


Good day to you!

It will be better tomorrow

Hello, sorry that I am just now writing again. I have been having a very rough few days, and it has been very chaotic. I am in a funk, and I admit it. But I have no doubt that this funk will be over very shortly, whether I like it or not! So I posted the picture to help motivate anyone out there who is having it as bad as me right now. I captioned my photo with an inspirational message “It will be better tomorrow”, because I really belive that. Maybe not tomorrow tomorrow, but definitely tomorrow! So have a great day you beautiful people!

Remember who you are.


I had an epiphany today! I realized that over the past few weeks, I have been pretty unhappy with a rather permanent situation in my life. Instead of trying to make the situation better, I wallowed in self pity. Well, today I realized that I have been a victim of brainwashing! Yes, that is fairly extreme and I am moving onto pointing fingers. But when you are in a situation and you are constantly surrounded by negative energy, sometimes you start to believe the negative. Even when you know you are better than what you hear.  I had to remind myself that I was better than that, and literally something snapped! I remembered that the negative was so wrong, and I am happy to say that I’ve successfully warded off those evil brainwashing “scientist”. So my advice of the day, “Don’t let them tell you who you are!” Or something like that…

The first things to do for the New Year.

New Day

Today was a very very long day, and I am quite ecstatic that tomorrow is finally Thursday. With the year inching by already, there are a ton of things that I need to do before the year begins to slip by me. Of course everyone makes New Years resolutions, and I am no different. The only difference for me is that I absolutely must stick to mine. Today,  I decided that I must renew myself, and begin this blog. This blog will be a collection of my work, random things that I find all around, what I love, and anything else that I feel should be included. This coming year will be a challenge, as well as a triumph, and I plan to blog my way through it!